Image Size Finder

To Find Various Sizes of JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG Images Online. Generates Height and Width size of image in Pixel, CM and Inches, Resolution DPI Size and Image File Size in KB, MB Online.

What is the Image Size Finder?

Image Size Finder helps to find three different size details of your uploaded image.

(1) Size of Image: To check Height and Width dimension of the uploaded images. Displays the size of the image in Pixel(px), Centimeter(cm) and Inches(in) scales.

(2) Resolution Size: Displays the resolution of PNG and JPEG images in DPI (Dots Per Inch).

(3) File Size: Shows the storage memory size of your Image in Kilobytes (KB) / Megabytes (MB).

Sample result of Image Size Finder:

(1) Width: 1920px / 16.26cm / 6.4in
(2) Height: 1080px / 9.14cm / 3.6in
(3) Mime: image/jpeg
(4) Resolution DPI: 300 ppi
(5) File Size: 24.94 KB