Secret Message Encoder and Decoder

Convert your Confidential messages into Unreadable by using Password and Share with your Loved One securely via Mail, Facebook, Whatsapp, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Skype and Any Communication gateway.

How to Encode a Message?

Step 1: Type your message and password in the text box.
Step 2: Click on the "Encode" button, then Share generated URL or Unreadable/Encoded Text with your friends via any Communication Gateway(whatsapp, skype, etc).

How to Decode the Message back?

Way 1: Share the URL

Step 1: Goto the URL, Type the password.
Step 2: Click on "Decode" to view the Private Message.

Way 2: Share Encoded Message

Step 1: Paste the encoded Text into the message box.
Step 2: Then enter the password which is used while doing encode.
Step 3: Click on "Decode" button to view the original message back.